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We utilise modern, natural, and age-appropriate resources to support children in developing their curiosity and develop a lifelong love of learning. We are based on the Reggio Emilia approach and tailor our education programs to individual children’s interests and developmental needs. We support children’s development and create a sense of belonging within Branches.

We offer childcare services from the age of 6 weeks old up to 6 years old, as well as before & after school care and vacation care.  

"At Branches we believe every child is an individual and should be given the freedom to explore their world"


We understand the trust and responsibility you place in us to look after your babies. Our amazing and nurturing Educators will work in partnership with you to ensure both you and your babies needs, both developmental and physical are being meet.

We will develop a balance between flexibility and routines to provide an environment that is stimulating yet provides consistency both at Branches and at your home.

Our Babies program is developed around you and your baby. If you have a particular routine at home, we will mirror the routine. We will discuss all aspects of your baby’s care with you; be it sleeping, feeding or at play. We will also provide daily experiences that promote and develop your babies physical, emotional, and social skills.

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Our toddler rooms are designed to engage and develop children from 18 months to 2.5 years old. Our Educators work with the children to develop their social and emotional skills, create friendships, build confidence, and skills in cooperation and sharing.

Our Education programs are designed based on each child’s interests to ensure their love of learning continues to grow. Our children spend time outside each day to interact with nature and continue to learn through these interactions. 

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Our Kindergarten rooms are designed for children 2.5 years until they commence school. We provide a stimulating play-based learning environment with resources that continue to develop maths, language, creative, fine and gross motor skills through their play.

Everyday we create different learning experiences for our children to further develop their love of learning before transitioning to school. Over the course of the year our Educators start developing a more structured program to assist with the transition to School. We continue to develop a balance between routine and giving children flexibility to also be children.

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We provide warm, safe and stimulating environments that allow children to relax, grow and thrive to either prepare them for the day of learning ahead or to continue to learn after school. We provide each child with an educational program appropriate for them. We utilise both our indoor and outdoor spaces and resources to create interests for each child. We create projects for children to work on that are tailored for their individual needs.

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childcare services

vacation care

childcare services

We are creating entertaining and stimulating vacation care experiences for children during school breaks.

Whether your child attends daily or only occasionally, you can rest assured that each visit will be just as exciting and engaging.

This service is registered for the Australian Government Childcare Subsidy (CCS); for further information about our Childcare Services please contact us directly to discuss.